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Crispy Crunchy Sound Bites

Chipotle Turkey Burger Bites

Chipotle turkey burger bites are a great after school snack, party food, or unique dinner for the kids. They are packed with flavor, and low on sugar and carb…

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Recipe Highlight: Go Bananas!

Botanically, bananas are berries; of course, they’re not the fruit that comes to mind when thinking about that small, round counterparts. They are popular w…

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Rice Cereal Treat Eggs Filled with Pretzel Crisps® & Candy

Do something a little different this year with your standard Rice cereal treats eggs. Shape them into eggs, hollow them out and then fill them with yummy Eas…

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Bunny Ear Pretzel Crisps® Treats

People will go gaga over these bunny ear Pretzel Crisps® treats. Cute to the max, and fun to look at, get the conversation started about how to make these wo…

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Raise Your Snack IQ: Dessert Clusters

In 1912, the first combination candy bar was invented, shaking up an industry of rectangular and smooth, sweet treats. A mix of marshmallow nougat, peanuts, c…

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