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Ice Cream Tacos

Unique and colorful desserts are the best way to stay cool this summer. Creating pastel ice cream tacos is a fun and easy recipe. All you need is ice cream, P…

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Summer Fruit Snacks

The best summer snacks are light and refreshing, and you don’t get any more refreshing than pairing fruit with Pretzel Crisps®! Here are a few of our favor…

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Birthday Party Snacks and Apps

No matter the number of candles being blown out, birthday parties are a guaranteed good time with family and friends, delicious food, and presents. Keep the p…

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Next Level Tacos

In many ways, tacos are one of the more perfect foods. They’re compact and customizable with any of your favorite meats, fillings, and toppings. As such, th…

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Marshmallow Magic

Marshmallows are good for more than just a fireside snack or crispy treat. Check out a few of our favorite Pretzel Crisps® recipes featuring the soft, fluffy…

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