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Crispy Crunchy Sound Bites

Brisket Fondue With Pretzel Crisps®

Whether you love smoking meat, or just checking out local BBQ restaurants, there’s bound to be plenty of leftovers. Rather than letting your brisket dry out…

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Prosciutto Appetizers

Prosciutto is the bacon alternative currently starring in your next favorite appetizers. Don’t just take our word for it, check out these Pretzel Crisps® a…

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Keep It Simple, Snack Genius!

Take a break from hectic holiday prep, and enjoy one of these tasty snacks that require very little effort. Lite BLT Bites The mini versions of this classic…

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4 Snack Genius Ways to Enjoy Cheesecake

From a variety of crusts to an assortment of flavors and toppings, cheesecake is one sweet treat that’s sure to please. However, there’s room to take your…

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4 Fab Pretzel Crisps® Bites

When in need of a sweet and salty treat, Tip Hero and Pretzel Crisps® have a few Snack Genius ideas up their sleeves. These 4 fab bites are ready in a pinch …

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