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Snack Upgrade: Salty and Sweet

This week’s snack upgrade tests the theory that opposites attract. The Case for Salty and Sweet Sweet and sour, sweet and spicy, and sweet and salty e…

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Snack Upgrade: Summer Mint

Here’s a snack upgrade that will enhance not just your fruit, but your entire summer season as well. The Case for Mint Play the word association game with…

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Raise Your Snack I.Q.: National Food Days

We’d like to shake the hand of the Snack Genius who thought it would be a good idea to dedicate an entire day to your favorite foods. Not that you need an e…

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June Pretzel-Grammed Favorites

The summer is finally here but that doesn’t mean our Snack Genius fans are taking any time off from making us seriously hungry! Keep up the awesome Pretzel …

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Grab & Go: 5 Genius Ways To Snack Anywhere!

You’re constantly on the move, so shouldn’t you have a snack that can keep up? The snack geniuses here at Snack Factory® think so! That’s why we’ve c…

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