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Crispy Crunchy Sound Bites

Snack Upgrade: Fruit & Cheese

Besides fulfilling two of the recommended daily servings of fruits and dairy, fruit and cheese snack combos are simply tasty. Not all pairings are created equ…

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Recipe Highlight: Bacon

You know bacon makes everything better, and it definitely improves a variety of recipes. Here are three new Snack Genius approved ways to enjoy it with Pretze…

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Football Referee Pretzel Crisps®

Make the most gushingly cute snacks for the Big Game. Although it’s a given that kids will love these referee Pretzel Crisps®, adults squeal over them too.…

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January Pretzel-Grammed Favorites

The New Year means new ways to snack like a genius! Our fans are clearly keeping up with their 2017 resolutions; the proof is in the pics! Keep up the brillia…

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Recipe Highlight: Ricotta Cheese

Technically a cheese by-product, ricotta is typically used to bring slight sweet and creaminess to Italian recipes. Its American version tends to be a saltier…

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