20 Snack Ideas

20-park-snacks-smallerIt’s the day that we look forward to for months every year:

The first day at the park.

I’m not a winter person.  Sure, there is something charming about curling up in front of the fireplace while the snow falls outside, but after one or two snowstorms, I’m ready for sunshine and warmer temps.  So after a very long winter, of course we are excited that the weather is warming up and that we get to finally spend some time at the park!

But as a mother to three young children, I know that it’s not as easy as just saying “let’s go to the park!”  It takes a little bit of preparation, but it’s all worth it to avoid meltdowns at the park!

One thing I try to make sure I’m never without is a bag full of snacks.  Especially when the little ones are running around.  So here is my list of my top 20 snacks that are perfect for a day at the park.


1 – Peanut Butter Pretzel Crisps Sandwiches:  for a fun treat – and a way to change up a great snack, spread peanut butter on one side of a Sesame Pretzel Crisp, and top with another Pretzel Crisp.

2 – Fresh fruit: I prefer apples and bananas, but oranges and grapes are great choices as well.  Just make sure to clean before packing it in the park bag!

3 – Dried fruit: Sometimes easier than fresh fruit, dried fruit takes up less room and gives kids that sweet treat that they often beg for.

4 – Graham crackers:  I don’t know what it is about kids and graham crackers, but they will just about always be a hit!

5 – Fresh veggies: Pack small bags of baby carrots, cut celery, or grape tomatoes.  My kids also love cut up cauliflower and broccoli.

6 – Granola bars: It’s fun to come up with your own combinations and make these at home, or buy them at the store.  Either way, these are an easy treat to always have in your bag.

7 – Trail mix: whether you buy it or make your own, a little bit of trail mix is a great way to give the little ones a boost of energy.

8 – Bagels: bagels hold up better than bread, so they are a great addition to put in that snack bag.

9 – Nuts: as long as there are no allergies, bring along an assortment of mixed nuts.

10 – Cheese sticks:  make sure you put these in your bag right before leaving, and don’t leave them out in direct sunlight, but they are an easy thing to bring along.

11 – Water bottles: ok, this one isn’t necessarily a snack, but it is a necessity.  Make sure you are keeping the kids hydrated, especially if it’s really hot outside!

12 – Marshmallows: this might not be the healthiest snack out there, but they are my go-to for my kids.  Plus, they are easy to transport and inexpensive.

13 – Popcorn: if you take air-popped popcorn, this is also a very affordable snack.  Flavor it up with a little bit of butter and salt, or get creative with cheese or other flavorings.

14 – Applesauce: you can either buy this in individual portions, or portion it out before you go.  Just don’t forget the spoons!

15 – Fruit leather: another item that can be made from scratch or bought at the store.  Either way, kids love it!

16 – Pudding cups: it’s fairly easy to find pudding cups that don’t have to be refrigerated, which makes them easier for toting around.

17 – Roasted Chickpeas: These have become one of my favorite snacks!  You can make these sweet or savory, but they are great either way for snacking on.

18 – Yogurt covered raisins:  My kids love these.  And I like to buy the individual packages for easy travelling and dividing.

19 – Pancakes:  now, this one might sound strange, but leftover pancakes are super easy to tote around, and kids love snacking on them – no syrup required!

20 – Muffins: muffins aren’t just for breakfast!!  Make up an extra batch and stick them in the freezer.  Next time you need a quick snack, let them thaw while the kids are playing for an easy, no-stress snack.


What is your favorite to-go snack?