New Online Music Video Sings Brand’s Praises as the Ultimate Snack 

PRINCETON, NJ – April 25, 2012 – When you’re the world’s first spreadable pretzel cracker, one snack is all you need to create an endless amount of better-for-you snacking opportunities.  As portrayed in the brand’s newest online music video, Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps® is the one snack tasty enough to be eaten alone, dipped and paired with other foods and enjoyed on-the-go.

Launching today, Pretzel Crisps releases “One Snack” as part of the brand’s digital marketing campaign and first attempt at creating unique online video content for its community of 240,000 plus Facebook and Twitter fans.  “We needed a way to better engage with our social media communities and on the web,” said Perry Abbenante, Vice President of Marketing for Pretzel Crisps.  “We were fortunate enough to work with GeniusRocket and their roster of inspired and artistic individuals to develop video content that aligned with our creative brief.  The One Snack video does a fantastic job communicating the brand messaging in a fun and entertaining way.”

After reviewing several storyboard snippets provided by the crowdsourcing video agency, Pretzel Crisps decided on “One Snack,” which follows three female characters as they go about their day craving a snack that satisfies all of their needs.  From driving in the car to lounging by the pool, Pretzel Crisps is the healthier, dip-able snack they sing for and seek out as they dance in the Deli aisles of the grocery store.

As for a sequel to “One Snack,” the brand says they are playing it by ear and listening closely to what their online communities are asking for.  The “One Snack” video can be viewed on the Pretzel Crisps YouTube page and will also be linked to the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages for fans to watch and share with others.    

For more information about Pretzel Crisps, the 110 calorie, flat-baked pretzel cracker available in your grocer’s Deli, visit  

About Snack Factory

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Snack Factory was founded by snack food pioneers Sara and Warren Wilson.  From their humble start selling funnel cakes at county fairs, the couple went on to create New York Style Bagel Chips and Pita Chips (sold to RJR Nabisco in 1992).  Today, Snack Factory is reinventing the pretzel category with the world’s first spreadable pretzel cracker, Pretzel Crisps®.  Rethink Your Pretzel! 

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