5 Ways to Sit Less During the Day

Did you resolve to get healthy, eat right, and exercise more this year? Me too! Now that we’ve committed to a healthier lifestyle for 2012, here are some ways to help us be less sedentary during the day. Every little bit counts toward our goals. Plus, once you cut back on the amount of time you spend sitting, you’ll feel the difference almost immediately. You won’t want to sit down and you’ll feel much more healthy.

  • Tackle your To Do list in person. Instead of emailing or calling a coworker, walk over to their desk. When you get there, stand while you talk about things and then walk back to your desk. If you continue to do this throughout the day, all of those calories will really add up. Plus, you’ll get in some serious face time with your colleagues.
  • Pace while you talk on the phone. Standing and walking around your office or home is a great way to sit less and get moving. I use my cell when I walk and talk, but you can also invest in a quality headset or use a speakerphone to maximize your mobility while you chat.
  • Take a 10-minute post-meal walk. Ten minutes might not seem like a lot of time, but if you take a quick 10-minute walk after every meal of your day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), you’ll rack up 30 minutes of activity. How’s that for effortlessly fitting in exercise?
  • Park in the farthest spot in the lot. When grocery shopping or running errands, I like to find the farthest parking spot from the front door of the store I’m about to enter, so I have to hoof it from my car. Doing this to and from the store gets me out of the driver’s seat and moving.
  • Get off one stop early. If you regularly take public transportation, get off the bus/train/subway one stop before your ultimate destination and walk the rest of the way. Instead of zoning out and sitting, you can squeeze in a brisk walk.


Tina Haupert
Carrots ‘N’ Cake
Columnist, Health.com
Twitter: @carrotsncake