A Crispy Pot ‘O Gold!

It’s no surprise you would find a little Pretzel Crisp goodness at the end of a rainbow! Create your own Pretzel Crisps pot of gold for Saint Patrick’s Day, using ingredients from your local grocery store. Serve these at a party, for your family or as a school activity.


parts to pot of gold

-          Pretzel Crisps

-          Dark chocolate or black candy melts

-          Licorice string

-          Airhead rainbow candy belts

-          Confetti sprinkles

For each pot of gold you will need a whole Pretzel Crisp, another Pretzel Crisp with the round sides broken off, and a piece of licorice string.

coat in chocolate


Dip each in chocolate. Place broken Pretzel Crisp first, then layer whole on top allowing broken piece to peek out. Next put dipped licorice string at top of whole Pretzel Crisp.

Allow to chocolate to harden.

Grab your rainbow candy belts and confetti sprinkles.




sprinkles and candy



Use chocolate to adhere rainbow belts to the back of the Pretzel Crisp pots.

Spread a little chocolate above the licorice string and sprinkle some of the yellow confetti sprinkles on for your gold coins.

Chill in the fridge to help “glue” the rainbow belts and coins to the pot o gold!


Garnish your trays of sweets with these little Pots of Gold to add some festivity to your spread!

pc pot of gold 3