Affordable Tips for Packing

With winter in full force and thoughts of spring break in our heads, hoards of people will be taking vacations to escape the cold weather in the coming months.

Packing can be a nuisance and headache, especially if you are busy or a disorganized mess.  Avoid cramming your suitcase, and forgetting travel essentials by following these tips:

I like to pack more than I need, just in case. You never know when the weather does not cooperate and you need an additional sweater, or you decide to go to an upscale restaurant and need a nice outfit.

Since over packing is a habit of many, there are ways to maximize the space in your suitcase.

Use the empty space inside of your shoes by stuffing socks and underwear inside. This frees a little space for other things.

Rather than fold your clothing, roll it tightly. They take up less area, and can fit into tight spaces.

We have all heard or experienced luggage handling nightmares. Consider protecting your things from potential damage when flying. Shoe bags are great, but not necessary. Save money by purchasing cheap shower caps. Place one pair in each cap.

Your shoes will be free of nicks and scratches.

No jewelry bag? Use items around the house to keep it all safe and organized.

Use one of your pairs of socks you plan on packing and pierce you earrings through the cloth. Roll your socks up so the earrings are on the inside.

Use a pair of shoelaces, a piece of fabric, or a ribbon to hold your bracelets and necklaces together. They will be easier to sort through, than if they sit in the bottom of a bag.

I have a difficult time keeping track of my clean and dirty clothes during a vacation. Take a Ziploc bag with you and label it “dirty laundry.” Store socks, underwear, and tops in there after wearing them.

When you return home, empty the bag into the washing machine. No need to sort through your unworn clothes and dirty pieces.

Large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries can get heavy and take up too much precious space in your bag. Pour your products into mini containers from the dollar store. Use scotch tape to keep the tops on and prevent spillage. If you need, place a piece of tape on top of the lid and label the type of product. Store these in a Ziploc bag. These are easier to empty out than those bottles in the travel kits. When you get home, refill the containers and keep in a cabinet for your next trip.  You will never have to worry about packing toiletries again.

Forgot your cell phone charger? Write a list of everything you will need before you pack. Make sure to check the weather and find out any other details about your destination that will be important to know.

Create a check box and check off each item as you place it into your suitcase.

Don’t like writing lists? Do you even forget to write items on your list?

You can purchase or download one!


Order this pack me note pad from Lobotome, here.


Or buy this packing list from the Container Store.


If you want to save a little money, download this free packing list here.

With these simple and affordable tips, packing won’t be such a chore for your next vacation.

Happy packing!