After School Snack Bar

By Deb Harroun, Taste and Tell Blog

This year, my oldest starts preschool.  She has been looking forward to this day for most of her young life, now, so the days cannot go by fast enough.  I’m excited to see what she learns and the friends that she will make, but like most parent’s, I’m also a ball of nerves, scared to send her out into the big world.

I am excited, though, about spending that time with her when she gets home, talking about her day at school.  And of course, the best times are had over a great after school snack!

My daughter is very independent, and I know that she likes to have as much involvement in what we are doing as possible.  That’s why I thought having an after school snack bar set up would be a fun way to greet her, as well as a great way to have some time to talk to her one on one.  And I can’t think of a better snack bar than a Pretzel Crisps snack bar!

I pulled together all of her favorite treats and let her assemble her own snack.  She was so excited to get involved that she even made snacks for her younger brother!

It is as easy as gathering things you have on hand – we used Original, Everything and Sesame Pretzel Crisps and set out peanut butter, cookie butter and chocolate hazelnut spread.  I also set out some small candy pieces, sliced fruit, marshmallows and chocolate chips.  It was easy because I already had everything, and she had a blast decided how she wanted to top her pretzel!