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Crab Restaurants from a SF Native

Pretzel Crisps’ own, Jenny shares her top 3 favorite crab restaurants in San Francisco I don’t think it’s debatable that the best crab dishes in America are right here in my lovely city, San Francisco. The following are in my opinion the best, and all prepare this native specialty in a unique way that will […]


Summer Kale Salad

It seems that everyone is on a leafy green veggie kick, especially with summer right around the corner. I’ll admit, I was reluctant to eat all this “healthy stuff, but after experimenting with different ingredient combinations, I’ve found the winner and I’ve totally fallen into the green dream myself.  Make it at home & taste […]


Crispy Candy Bites

I was making 4th of July plans with my Mother last weekend when she asked me to bring some type of dessert to the family picnic. Her suggestion was to “make it simple and something good for the kids.” In keeping with the patriotic theme of the holiday I decided to make these scrumptious red-white-and […]


Summer Smoothie by Steph

With Summer in full effect this yummy smoothie can be enjoyed on it’s own or with a splash of vodka, rum or tequila.   I use a Vitamix because I’m obsessed with it, but a standard blender will also do. Add ingredients as listed for smooth blending. Serves 2, maybe 3, if you feel like […]


Fruit & Jello Pizza

Summer is here.  The weather is definitely warming up outside, and the kids are out of school. With summer comes the start of bbq season.  I love a good backyard bbq, and will rarely turn one down if I’m invited.  I love getting together with family and friends over good food.  And I love that […]


30 Meatless Recipes for your Grill

Grilling season is here!  The first thing we think about is usually burgers or dogs. If you are a vegetarian or someone who likes to focus on nutritious, lighter meals, don’t fret about making it through the summer. Meatless grilled recipes are bountiful! Here is a list of 30 vegetarian or meatless recipes that will […]

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InstaTip From Sarah – StickyGram

Sarah is stuck on StickyGram magnets! Like everybody I love posting on Instagram. The problem is all my pictures are now up in the cloud or on my devices and it’s not a place I can share with friends and family who may not be tech savvy.  I discovered StickyGram and I’m hooked!  StickyGram turns […]


Paige’s Quick & Easy Summer Salad

                                    Recipe courtesy of: Paige LaPierre – Chicago’s Marketing Capy-ton!


Smoky Grilled Barbecue Pretzel Crisps

Something toasted and smoky to snack on at the beach this summer is the perfect way to hold you over until lunch is ready. Ingredients -Plain, sesame or class Pretzel Crisps – Barbecue seasoning, homemade or a mix from the store -Smoked paprika – Olive oil or liquid smoke Instructions: 1. Brush each side of […]

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