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Smoky Grilled Barbecue Pretzel Crisps

Something toasted and smoky to snack on at the beach this summer is the perfect way to hold you over until lunch is ready. Ingredients -Plain, sesame or class Pretzel Crisps – Barbecue seasoning, homemade or a mix from the store -Smoked paprika – Olive oil or liquid smoke Instructions: 1. Brush each side of […]

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DIY Wine Charms

The weather is just right for outside drinking. There, I said it. Anyway, one of my favorite things to do is host friends at home. We like to fire up the barbecue and enjoy some wine outdoors. Last week, my roommate and I had several people over for such an occasion. We found that everyone kept misplacing […]


Pretzel Crisp Caramel Apples

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and what better way to show your loved than to give an apple. This is not just any apple, but one covered in caramel, Pretzel Crisps, chocolate and any other toppings in your pantry. The caramel only requires three ingredients and is super easy to make. Just dip your apples in […]

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20 Snack Ideas

It’s the day that we look forward to for months every year: The first day at the park. I’m not a winter person.  Sure, there is something charming about curling up in front of the fireplace while the snow falls outside, but after one or two snowstorms, I’m ready for sunshine and warmer temps.  So […]


Gigi’s Mom’s One-Minute Dip

By: Gigi, New England’s Marketing Savant    

My Moms One Minute Party Dip

Crispy French Toast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And I’m going to have to agree – especially for my family. You see – I have 3 kids.  Two of them are very picky eaters.  (The third isn’t, but maybe it’s because he’s not on solid foods yet!)  Try as I might, […]


New Beginnings

By Stephanie, Southern Cal Marketing Mega-star Spring has sprung! I see this as a time of new beginnings, and as a calm transitional precursor to  the fiery Summer ahead. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was two part: To “weed my garden” and to bring in joyous but easy to miss aspects of nature into my life. This […]

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Mustard Cheese Dip

Mustard is one of those condiments enjoyed in sparing amounts. It adds a nice kick to many dishes and snacks, but one would not necessarily eat it in spoonfuls. One would not, that is, except when incorporated into this dip. This sinfully exquisite dip makes you wonder why you ever bother eating out at a […]

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Spruce up your Easter Celebration

Easter isn’t what it used to be! What was once plastic eggs filled with candy, and dying eggs with food coloring, has morphed into something a little more creative and sophisticated. Here is a collection of innovative ways to liven up an Easter egg hunt. Your kids will be bragging about it for months to […]

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