Create Whimsical Centerpieces With What You Have at Home

There are a multitude of to-do’s when planning for entertaining. Centerpieces are only a minor detail, yet make a magnificent difference in presentation. You can design a unique look while saving money by using items around your home. All you need is a glass vase.

Edibles are Adapatble

Grab some fruit around your home and fill a vase, or a few. I have done this with fruit that is not yet ripe enough to eat or leftover from a recipe. It not only produces a pop of color, it also frees up space in your pantry or fridge. The fruit also lasts longer than flowers. Do not limit yourself to fruit. Browse around your kitchen for other items that can be used, so long as they do not need refrigeration.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Candy is a wonderful way to brighten your tablescape. Think: Halloween, Easter & Passover, Valentine ’s Day, and more. You can purchase candy from dollar stores, or use excess pieces from your children. They don’t need all of those cavities anyway!  The colors are limitless, so select a tablecloth or runner and find color-coordinating sweets to use.

Unpack Your Decorations

Although you have filled the tree, fireplace mantle, or walls does not mean you have to put the rest of your decorations back into storage. Place unused pieces into a large bowl for any holiday. Fake snow and silver ornaments are pictured here.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Simple Addition to Youthful Celebrations

Throwing a party for children? Add a finishing touch that the parents will appreciate. Here I used rubber amphibians from the dollar store. If your child (or borrow from someone else’s child) collects enough of one toy, grab it out of their room and toss them in. I envision these for a birthday party.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

As the years proceed, art supplies will accumulate. Art parties are a rising in popularity so why not assemble this fool-proof décor?

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Oh silly bands, you are everywhere. Just another example of a widely collected commodity that one can easily scavenge for around the home. Perfect for an older child or pre-teen celebration.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Less Flower, More Filler

Flowers can become fairly pricey and their short shelf-life creates more visits to the flower shop.  Most stores sell flowers in smaller amounts than a full bouquet (single, two, or three). One trick worth utilizing is to save money by purchasing two or three flowers, then filling your vase with something non-perishable. Costs less, and adds a little “oomph” to your centerpiece.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

I used plastic lanyard from my basement to fill in the vase.  You can find lanyard in more neutral and warm colors as well.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Here I purchased only three tulips, and filled in the empty space with shredded gift paper from my gift wrapping supplies.

If you would like to prolong the life of your flowers, some flower shops have water tubes to place each stem in. You can also place a small glass vase within the vase. Fill with water, stretch plastic wrap over the top, and poke holes for each flower stem. Then, simply throw in your “filler” item(s). I usually just take a short-cut and wrap wet paper towel with around each stem. Cover in plastic wrap to keep your filler items from getting wet, then secure with a rubber band.

Don’t create a headache for yourself by replenishing your vase with bouquet after bouquet. Snoop around your home for unutilized accessories. You’ll be surprised how many options you have. Especially if you are a hoarder.