Decorative Balloon Topiary Project

It’s about that time of year again, when the weather improves and parties begin to move outdoors. When planning the outside festivities this season, one must consider not only the decorations but also the backyard greenery.

A simple solution is to combine the two, by creating a balloon topiary. No need for planting, soiling, or getting covered in soil. It is also a modern twist on the traditional balloon décor and no helium is required.


-styrofoam ball

- dowel rod

- paint for the Styrofoam and dowel

- bags of water balloons

- a flower pot

- styrofoam to fit inside of the flower pot

-hot glue gun

You can purchase the styrofoam, dowel, paint, hot glue gun and flower pots at arts and craft stores.

The dowel rod, paint, and flower pot also is available at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot.

I found water balloons and decorated flower pots at a party supply store (iParty).

Begin by painting your styrofoam ball and dowel rod. Spray paint works nicely but if you want to save money and have a little more patience, use some craft paint instead.

You can use toothpicks to hold the styrofoam ball up.

As for the dowel rod, I left one end unpainted and taped that clean end to the edge of a table. It hung on the edge as it dried and prevented contact with any surfaces.

Next, you need water balloons.

Blow them up into small spheres. The smaller, the better.

Do not blow them up too far in advance as they will lose air over time. See if you can double knot them too to further prevent deflation.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the ends of the balloons to the styrofoam ball. Only one of my balloons popped, because the glue was too hot and accidentally touched the rounded part.

As soon as my glue was hot enough to melt the stryofoam, I would unplug it. When the glue was not hot enough for the balloons to stick I would plug it back in to melt again. This prevented the glue from becoming too hot.

Glue the balloons as close to one another as possible.

Tip: Use your dowel rod to puncture a hole into the bottom of your styrofoam ball before you glue the balloons on. Otherwise, it will be difficult to do later without popping a few balloons!

Stick the dowel into a piece of styrofoam that fits well inside of your flower pot. Secure the stryofoam ball on top. If it begins to tip over, pour a few rocks into the flower pot to weigh it down. Then cover with mini balloons, candy, or marbles.

Perfect for indoors as well.

You can make smaller versions as centerpieces. Either way, they make for pretty “plants.”

These balloon topiaries can be customized for Memorial Day, graduations, weddings, 4th of July, baby or bridal showers and birthday parties.

Contributed by Jasmin Fine,