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DIY Pretzel Crisps® & Beer Coasters

As many of us prepare for the impending Superbowl, make something special that will last more than a day.  A set of “ Pretzel Crisp® and Beer” coasters for your home are a unique way to hold your beer while you watch any sporting event or entertain. These also double as a great gift for sports or beer lovers.

They are easy to make and only require some Pretzel Crisps®, and a couple of materials.


-Pretzel Crisps®

-Clear cast kit (comes with a resin and a catalyst)

- A silicone mold, soap mold, or most plastic containers

Tip: Click the link to order a clear casting kit, or grab one from your local arts and craft supplies store (usually in the soap and/or jewelry making aisle). I bought a small plastic container from the dollar store.

This is what my clear casting kit looked like:

1 clear cast

2 mix and sit

Follow the directions as different kits may vary slightly. For my kit, it asked to pour equal parts of the resin and catalyst into a cup.


I had to wait for about three minutes, then stir until the streaks in the mixture disappeared. Allow to sit for a few minutes after stirring to let bubbles rise.

Place several Pretzel Crisps® into a mold (or molds). Carefully pour

mixture down side of container until Pretzel Crisps are covered.

3 set

Allow resin to set.  The amount of time it takes depends on temperature. I just left mine for 24 hours to be safe.

Carefully flex container until coaster breaks away and pops out (silicone should peel off a little easier, but I had no problems with the plastic container).

Pour beer and admire as your protect your coffee table.

4 pc coasters

5 pc coasters 2