DIY Football Party

Football tailgating and parties have evolved into an art over the last several years. From team-themed accessories, to the cutest party tables, the partying has become as competitive as the players themselves.

Here is a feature of three very simple DIY ideas for your football party. Just grab the supplies and customize with your favorite team colors. These are simple enough for even the novice do-it-yourselfer or entertainer.


Football Cheerleader Pom-Pom Garland

You don’t need fancy decorating  skills to create this team cake. Just a basic cake and some candy.

1. Bake a cake of any size and your preferred quality.

2) Color your frosting to a team color and cover cake in a  thin layer. Use colorful M&M’s, or any colorful coated candies) in the colors you prefer. If you can create a pattern, then you can make this cake. Press the candies into any pattern you see fit. To keep things simple, I created columns from the top of the edge to the bottom.

Decorate cake with m&msFootball team m&m cake









Football Vase

This is by far the easiest décor concept. No crafting  or baking required.

1. Purchase some mini football toys at the dollar store or local party supply store.

2. Fill them inside of a tall, glass vase. That’s it!

mini footballsFootball party ideas










Cheerleader Pom Pom Garland

This requires a little more time but is still very manageable for those fearful of crafts. I enjoy making these in front of the tv.

1. Take a large handful of streamers and tape the ends to a piece of tape. The longer the streamer length, the more that should be bunched in together.

2. Fold the streamers in half, over and over until you can no longer fold them.

Use fishing wire or beading string to tie in the middle, leaving plenty of excess fishing wire string hanging from each end of the know.

Use scissors to cut through the end of each loop created when the streamers were folded. Cut off the tape as well. Use the excess fishing wire string to tie each pom pom you make to a very long additional piece of fishing wire. Tape garland to wall.

Use tape and streamers little pom poms








Your friends will wonder how you became so talented! Happy football season!


By Jasmin Fine,