Easter Fun: Flowers & Bunny Ears


These festive flowers and bunny ears are not only easy, they are perfect to create with kids.

Use them as for spring and Easter displays by sticking them into flower pots, or wrap them in cellophane bags and present these as favors to guests for your next soirée.

Here are the ingredients and tools you will need:

  • Pretzel Crisps®
  • Any color candy melts (or white and pink for the bunny ears)
  • Popsicle or crafting sticks
  • Large gumdrops (specifically for the flowers)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Optional: plastic bags or piping bags
  • Nonpareils or sprinkles

Begin by selecting a variety of candy melt colors. You can find these in arts and craft, as well as baking supply stores.

For the bunny ears, you will want white and pink candy melts.

Melt them in a heat-safe bowl in the microwave for 15 seconds. Stir, and then continue to melt in 15-second spurts and re-stir in between until smooth and creamy.

Dip 4 crisps into white candy melts for one set of bunny ears.

Dip 3 crisps in any color for each flower.

You need a large gumdrop for the center of the flower.

Turn dipped Pretzel Crisps® over and line them into a circle. Dollop more chocolate/candy melts onto edges to join them together. Once dry, stick one end of a popsicle stick into chocolate and place on back.

Turn over and “glue”, with chocolate or candy melts, a large gum drop onto the center of the flower.

As for the bunny ears, “glue” two crisps together.

Place pink candy melts into a candy piping bag (found in baking or arts and crafts stores) and melt in microwave. You can also spoon melted candy melts into a Ziploc bag and cut the corner.

Pipe pink into the center of each ear. This is optional, you can also use a spoon to dollop the melts on and use the bottom of the spoon to spread it into the appropriate shape.

Also optional: Pipe white around the edge and immediately coat with sprinkles or nonpareils.

Dip popsicle sticks into chocolate and place one on the back of each ear.

Place flowers into cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon.

You can also stick them into a flower pot or can for decoration.

The bunny ears are especially fun peeking out from potted grass.

Happy spring!

Contributed by Jasmin Fine, 1FineCookie.com