Fitness in a Flash!

By Anh Nguyen, Sunny SoCal Marketing Manager

With summer in full swing, we often forget or don’t have time to hit the gym or go for a quick run. But just because we can’t devote an hour or 2 to the gym doesn’t mean we need to skip out on something that’ll make us feel better. Although I try to do barre method classes when I can, I like to incorporate these 3 quick exercises when I am pressed for time.

Jumping Jacks: To get that blood flowing, nothing beats good ole jumping jacks. Do 25 jumping jacks at a time, alternate your hands up and down and to the side.  You’ll be amazed at how alert this can make you feel. (Want to ramp it up? Substitute Jacks for Rope. Jump rope 5 sets of 30 second intervals – that’s a 2.5 minute workout to get the heart pumping).








Tricep dips on a chair:  When I’m sitting in a chair working, I like to take breaks every 30 minute to do tricep dips in a sturdy chair.  Do 3 rounds of 12 reps for a good tricep burn.  And who doesn’t want toned arms for the summer?

pic 2








AB lifts on a chair: Lastly, we can’t forget about the abs.  If you don’t have space to get a quick rep in on the ground, I like to do leg lifts in the air.  These lifts activate your abs and the rest of your leg muscles, so it’s a two for!  To work your oblique’s, switch your legs from side to side to trim that waistline.

pic 3













With work and life in the way, we often forget to take care of ourselves. So incorporate these quick exercises into your daily routine for a quick burst of energy. It’s amazing how a little goes a long way.


Submitted by Anh – SoCal Marketing Chica!

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