5 Ways To Get Fit With Your Dog

On the days when I’m feeling lazy and just don’t want to workout, my dog, Murphy, reminds me that exercise should be fun. Murphy has a ton of energy, which is contagious and makes me look forward to our time together. He also gets really excited before we go outside for a walk. He typically barks and spins in circles. Imagine if we all felt that way before exercise! I love that Murphy and I are active together every day and enjoy our time together, so here are five ways you can exercise with your furry friend too!

Make a doggie date

Every afternoon, Murphy and I have a standing date to go for a long walk around the neighborhood. I have to admit, there are days when I don’t feel like exercising, but the thought of letting down my favorite dog always motivates me to lace up my sneakers and get out the door. I can’t stand to see a sad pug face!


Switch up the scenery

Instead of just taking Murphy outside to relieve himself in the afternoon, I vary our walking routes. We switch things up by going to the park, walking in the woods, and venturing out on a 2-mile loop near the house. The change of scenery keeps things interesting for the both of us, so our walks never get boring.


Pick up the pace

During our walks, I pick up our cardio workout by adding intervals. I use street signs and telephone poles as markers to vary our pace or alternate between 2 minutes of jogging with 3 minutes of walking. Murphy loves playing around like this and always seems to think it’s a game.


Play fetch

On the days we make it to the park, I add some sprints to my workout by playing fetch with Murphy. I throw his ball as far as I can, and then race to grab it before he gets it. Murphy usually beats me to the ball, but it’s still fun to try to snag it from him. We repeat this over and over until we’re both had enough. It’s a tough workout for the both of us!


Practice some tricks

During our daily walks, I often stop a couple of times to practice obedience commands and fun tricks with Murphy. Doing this reinforces his doggie focus and provides him with some variety in his walk, so when he comes inside, he is ready to chill out. Plus, switching things up keeps the walk exciting for me, so I typically end up extending the duration of our workout.


Contributed by:
Tina Haupert
Carrots ‘N’ Cake
Columnist, Health.com