Homemade Apple Cider Recipe


September marks the start of apple picking season! Whether you take a trip to your local orchard and pick your own, stop at the farmer’s market downtown, or buy fresh produce from your grocer you are guaranteed to get the freshest apples in September. I personally love walking through the farmers market on Saturday mornings to try the fresh ingredients and see what local farmers have at their stands.  Last weekend I discovered an orchard stand that had an abundance of apples to choose from. I had a strike of inspiration and bought a barrel of apples to make a homemade apple cider.

Making homemade apple cider is easier than you think. Most kitchens are already stocked with the tools that you will need. The must haves are:

  • Sharp knife
  • Apple corer (not necessary, but helpful)
  • Blender or food processor
  • Cheese cloth
  • A large bowl and pitcher to store the cider
  • Fresh water
  • 20 apples for every 1 gallon of cider

2Once you have your tools all you will need is your apples. A quick note on what apples to pick: If you’re looking for a sweeter cider choose Red Delicious or Fuji apples. Granny Smith and Macintosh apples are tarter. It’s best to have a variety and combine green, red, and golden apples for the best flavor profile in your cider.

Before you start the cider process it is very important to thoroughly wash your apples. Make sure you give each apple a good rinse to clean off excess dirt so they have a nice shine.

4Next you will need to core and slice your apples into wedges. This is where the apple corer will come in handy.  Place on a cutting board and carefully slice your apples. Dispose of the core. Place the slices into a large bowl.

Now comes the fun part: Place the slices in the blender or food processor to puree the apples. It’s best to blend 6-7 slices at a time. If the wedges get stuck in the blade add in a ¼ cup of water. You can also carefully move the wedges around in the blender. But, be sure to turn the blender off and wait until the blade has stopped turning before placing any utensils in the blender. DO NOT stick your hands in the blender.


After the blender is filled three quarters of the way pour the puree into the cheese cloth. Sweeze and twist the cheese cloth to drain the juice from the puree. It is best to let the juice drain through a stainer and then into a large bowl. Dispose of the excess puree after it has been squeezed. Continue this process until you have pureed and sweezed all of your slices.


Transfer the freshly squeezed juice into a pitcher to store the cider in the refrigerator. You can serve your apple cider cold, warm, or spiked. Heat the cider over the stove in a sauce pan for approximately 15 minutes when making a hard cider. Add one cup of spiced rum, whiskey, or bourbon to complement the cider flavor.

Serve your cider in a mug or glass with a cinnamon stick, dash of nutmeg, or cloves. Have a few apple slices left over? Pair them on top of Sesame Pretzel Crisps® with a little caramel drizzle. It’s the perfect autumn snack. Hands down the best part of a homemade apple cider is the fresh and delicious taste of the cider right after it’s made. Nothing beats the refreshing taste of a homemade cider. Cheers!









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