New Beginnings

By Stephanie, Southern Cal Marketing Mega-star2013-01-20 13.33.25

Spring has sprung! I see this as a time of new beginnings, and as a calm transitional precursor to  the fiery Summer ahead. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was two part: To “weed my garden” and to bring in joyous but easy to miss aspects of nature into my life. This required a bit of Spring cleaning and reflection.

The first few months of the year, I slowly sorted and let go of everything in my home that didn’t serve me anymore. I got honest with myself about the book I really wasn’t ever going to read and the dress I was never going to wear or those shoes that hurt every time I wore them (the worst!). I discarded, donated and gave away all that didn’t fit or just “wasn’t me” anymore. It felt great! A few of the valuable items, I resold and used the moola towards a membership to a place that I consider a little slice of heaven and that I’d enjoyed visiting,in the past, with my very energetic 8-year old son.

2012-04-02 11.06.16Living in a busy, spread out and traffic-filled city like LA, it’s very easy to not stop and smell the roses. Some years ago, I had gone to a botanical garden called Descanso Gardens for a friend’s wedding. I immediately fell in love with these gorgeous and peaceful grounds and the birds, deer, turtles and meadows that covered this once private estate. I decided this would be a good place to spend the re-sale dough and I bought a family pass. The awesome thing that we discovered is that it also gave us free access to other National Botanical Gardens across the US (over 200) so now we’ll be sure to hit these spots when we’re traveling as well.

In nature comes a peace and perfection that cannot be made by man. In the flowers we see sacred geometry. In the air we feel our spirits stir. I can assure you that a cat nap on a blanket on a warm, sunny day will be one of your best yet if you make time for it. I’m so glad that I did!

2013-04-01 13.12.26