Pretzel Crisp Basketball Hoops

Construct some edible and adorable basketball hoops for sports lovers or March Madness. Use regular or cinnamon sugar Pretzel Crisps as your backboard, a few more ingredients and you have yourself a treat too cute to eat.


-       Pretzel Crisps
-       White chocolate
-       Small orange gumballs
-       Black edible candy writer pen
-       Red edible candy writer pen
-       Mini peanut butter cup

Melt white chocolate and spread it across the top of each Pretzel Crisp. While it cools, use a black edible writing pen to draw black lines around each orange gumball.


Next, use a red edible writing pen to draw a square in the center of each Pretzel Crisp, as well as a border around the edges.


Use white chocolate to adhere the mini peanut butter cup to the bottom of the pretzels. Dab a little chocolate onto each gumball and stick them directly above the peanut butter cups.