Pretzel Crisp Minis “Better for You” Trail Mix

As the weather brightens and we all become a little more active, it’s important to stay fueled and healthy.

Mix things up a bit with a fun, “better for you” trail mix. Use the new Pretzel Crisps Minis for a more bite sized snack that’s perfect on the go.

You can make a sweet or savory mix, depending on what you’re craving!

First pick your flavor of Pretzel Crisps Minis. Original would pair well with a sweet trail mix, or cheddar for a savory mix.


Now select your mix-ins. For a salty yet light mix, use mixed raw nuts, pumpkin seeds, and dried vegetables.


For a sweeter variety you can toss in banana chips, granola, dry cranberries and apricots. For a little indulgence, you can also use dark chocolate covered goji berries.


Fill paper bags if serving a group. You can also store in plastic sandwich bags for a hike or as a post work-out snack.