Pretzel Crisps Heart Bouquets

At times, we tend to forget that it is the effort and thought that counts more when it comes to gifts. These Pretzel Crisp heart bouquets will show your loved one a display of effort and care on your end. Not to mention, these taste better than your cheap box of drugstore chocolates.

Make these as a project at home with the kids, or your own cute edible craft of love. No matter who the giver, the recipient will sure to adore this edible bouquet for Valentine’s Day.



-          Pretzel Crisps

-          White chocolate colored with oil-base coloring or candy melts

-          An assortment of Valentine’s Day candies

-          Popsicle sticks or pretty paper straws


Glue hearts


Melt your chocolate either in a double boiler, chocolate fondue pot, or slowly in the microwave (12 second spurts of heat, mixing in between).

If your chocolate does not become smooth you can add a little oil or shortening to it.

Use chocolate to glue two Pretzel Crisps into a heart shape. Allow to harden on wax or parchment paper. Using a fork, drop the heart into the chocolate and cover. Lift up with fork, shaking off excess chocolate, and lay back on wax paper to harden.

Once cool and hard, turn over and drop a little puddle of chocolate on back.




Place a Popsicle stick or paper straw on melted chocolate, then spoon a little more on top so that it is secure.


Select a variety of candy to decorate the front of your heart.

I decided to go for a more unique color pallet by switching the red out for more black. The color choice is up to you. Dab a little chocolate on the front of the hearts to adhere the candy.


  • Place in a little bucket or vase. The little buckets were found in the dollar section at Target, and the shredded paper can be purchased at the Dollar Store.

pretzel hearts 1crop