Smoky Grilled Barbecue Pretzel Crisps

Something toasted and smoky to snack on at the beach this summer is the perfect way to hold you over until lunch is ready.


-Plain, sesame or class Pretzel Crisps

- Barbecue seasoning, homemade or a mix from the store

-Smoked paprika

- Olive oil or liquid smoke


1. Brush each side of your Pretzel Crisps with liquid smoke (olive oil is a good substitution, if you prefer).

toss PC in spices












2. Toss into a plastic storage bag with barbecue seasoning and a little smoked paprika. Don’t go to heavy on the paprika.

3. Turn grill on low. Scatter Pretzel Crisps on grate.

Toast PC on grill

Keep a close eye as the Pretzel Crisps will toast quickly and could burn. Only a few minutes. Remove from grill and store in an airtight bag or container






Enjoy your barbecue grilled Pretzel Crisps alone or with a creamy dip.

Smoky BBQ Pretzel Crisps 2Smoky BBQ Pretzel Crisps 1