Spooky Snacks – Part 1

Pretzel Crisps with cheese is one of the most delicious and obvious combinations for an after school snack or party finger food. To get into the Halloween spirit, here are some alterations to your favorite treat. They’re sure to make you scream with fright!


Cheesy Jack-O’-Lantern:

-Any small block of orange cheese, such as Colby or Cheddar.

-Small jalapeño peppers

-Black olives

-Your favorite flavor Pretzel Crisps®









To Make the Cheesy Jack-O’-Lanterns

  1. Slice your cheese and use a knife to cut out an oval shape. If you need, you can use any type of oval-shaped (or pumpkin-shaped) cookie cutter.
  2. Slice the stems off of the jalapeño peppers. Cut each stem in half down the center.
  3. Slice an olive into quarters so you have a curved piece. Cut out three squares to make your smile. Use the rest of the olive to cut out little triangles. Construct your jack-o’-lantern on top of a Pretzel Crisps®