Spruce up your Easter Celebration

Easter isn’t what it used to be! What was once plastic eggs filled with candy, and dying eggs with food coloring, has morphed into something a little more creative and sophisticated. Here is a collection of innovative ways to liven up an Easter egg hunt. Your kids will be bragging about it for months to come. 

Funky egg decorations:

Egg roundup

1. Create stunning geranium eggs with The House that Lars Built.

2. As someone who always has leftover sprinkles, this would be the perfect use. Learn how to cover eggs in pretty little nonpareils at Studio DIY.

3. What child (or adult) wouldn’t like to discover sweet, buttery cake in their egg. So much better than a couple of jelly beans. Visit Cupcake Project for the mind-blowing concept by Stef.

4. Imagine all of the different funky glitter shapes you could design your eggs with. A Pumpkin and a Princess shows you this easy little trick.

5. For the fashion-obsessed, what better print to use than leopard. Thank Henna Blossom for a visual guide.

6. Glitter, glitter everywhere. When all else fails just glitter! Find instructions at Martha Stewart.

Now that we have plenty of decorating ideas to sort through, what about the egg hunt? You will be saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

egg hunt round up1. I wish this was around when I was young enough to go egg hunting. Throw a night-time egg hunt with glow in the dark Easter eggs. Instructions at Mommy Savers.

2. Spend the days before or after getting kiddos to eat their veggies. Everything’s more exciting when it comes in a bright, plastic package. Read about their Easter lunch at Kailo Chic.

3. We are so busy throwing eggs around the lawn, we forget about carrots! You could fill these bags with any assortment of orange snacks. Use baby carrots for a healthier version. Get your snack on with Creative Organization.

4. Who doesn’t love a science lesson while having fun? Dinosaur egg hunts can be a fun twist. Find more ideas for dino easter at Pure Joy Events.

5. Imagine finding egg-filled treasures during bath time. See more details about how to throw an Easter-themed bath by Growing a Jeweled Rose.

6. This is perfect for those with a group of kids to entertain. Put puzzle pieces in eggs and have them work together to build the puzzle. Head over to The Frugal Girls to read more.

So many ways to delight children and impress adults this Easter. Happy Spring!