Thanksgiving Place Settings

Pretzel Turkey place settingsPretzel Crisps Thanksgiving Turkey Place Settings

Plan an afternoon project with the kids this Fall that will help you mark a check off of your to-do list for Thanksgiving. Pretzel Crisps turkey place settings are sweet way to help the kiddos find their seat at the table for their big turkey day feast.


-Pretzel Crisps

-Hershey Kisses

- Black and orange decorating gels or frosting

Ingredients for turkey pretzels

- Red Airheads

-Candy Corn

-Melted chocolate

Next, glue then end of a candy corn to a Hershey Kiss for the beak. Shape a piece of red airhead into a small rope and drape over beak.Use melted chocolate to glue a “fan” of candy corn to Pretzel Crisps, as well as a Hershey Kiss to a second Pretzel Crisp.

Tip: Break the tips of Hershey Kisses off to make them easier to work with.

Construct your Pretzel Crisps

Once hardened, use more chocolate to attach the Pretzel Crisps together, using small cups to hold it all together. Use frosting or decorating gels to write out your guests’ names, and draw bird claws.

After this step has cooled and hardened, flip the place setting onto its back. Use chocolate to glue the turkey head onto the candy corn.




place the turkey head

Tip: You may want to use a piece of broken candy corn or chocolate underneath the head to stick it out enough so that is aligns with the Hershey Kiss body. Just use melted chocolate to stick the candy piece against the corn candy, then glue Hershey Kiss head on top of the candy piece.

Place on plates inside of a candle wreath to fill the plate.




turkey pretzel place settings