Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Although we can agree that the food is the main event of Thanksgiving, how your table is set ties the day together perfectly. Place settings are a fun and creative way to add that special touch. Whether intended as decoration, party favor, or a way to keep Aunt Lucy and cousin Jack at table’s length, these place setting ideas will wow your guests.


Classic and Lovely

If you seek sophistication and style, use a gloss or shimmer spray paint to cover mini pumpkins. The materials are easy to find and you may customize with whatever colors you please. Thanksgiving has never been so glamorous.


















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Edible Arrangements

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Place a sweet treat as a favor for guests to ogle before they eat. You can package them into containers or boxes and tie with a ribbon. These are a great alternative if there is no need for assigned seats with names.

Try a mini cupcake with colorful edible leaves. These are easy and fun to make with kids.









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Although blogger Rachel of My Own Ideas intended these as wedding favors, they translate well into place settings.









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Child’s Play

If you plan on having a kid’s table, consider some of these ideas. You can have them made, or create a separate room for the children to make their own while adults have hors d’oeuvres and finish prepping food.

What better way to entertain kids than with a painting project? They will be sure to take these home for keeps.

This paper turkey leg is a fun version of play food. You can fill them with candies or popcorn. Find the instructions and other ideas at Fiskars.







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Keep It Simple

If you are a minimalist with little time on your hands, have no fear. Here are two options that require items you can find in your home. They’re easy as 1, 2, 3.

The only place you need to go is your backyard for these prickly tree burrs. Other alternatives could be pine cones or even a couple of acorns.

We always have pears in my kitchen so this would be a cinch! Melt chocolate and pipe out the letters of names on the pear. To see more photos, visit







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The Sweetest Name

Edible place settings have become all the rage recently. There are some truly clever ways to write guests names on an entirely edible treat.

The Dollhouse Bake Shop designed a chocolate “chalkboard” that has created waves across the web. Add some leaves to make them festive.

If you are not much of a chocolate fan, and love decorated cookies, have a go at these simple cookie name settings. These are manageable enough even for beginners.







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Happy Endings

As Reese’s pieces hold a special place in my heart, I wish I could be a kid again just to have this yummy place setting all for myself. See the instructions at Just Another Day in Paradise.












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