Tiered Towel Cake Tutorial

The newest rage for showers and housewarming parties are towel cakes. These are a set of towels, rolled and attached to look like a beautiful cake.

It doubles both as a gift, and as a decorative for the festivities. Not to mention it saves you a little moola and time since there is no need for boxes or wrapping paper.

Here’s how you can create your own towel cake:

1. Select two regular-sized bath towels. Fold them both in half twice, the long way. It should appear similar to the towel on the left in the photo below.

2. Use safety pins to attach them together by the ends. Roll the towels up so that it becomes your bottom cake tier. If you need to, you can secure the loose end to the roll by using more safety pins.

3. Follow the same steps with two hand towels.

4. Now repeat with some matching washcloths. Fold them…

…pin them together, then roll and secure.

4. Pile up your rolls in order from largest on the bottom to the smallest roll on top. Secure them together with more safety pins if you would like for them to remain attached while transporting.

5. Select either some cloth or paper ribbons that coordinate with your towels and tie around each tier. You don’t need to tie around all three, it’s up to you.

Tip: Not all towels are created the same size. This can prevent the sizes of the towel roll from coordinating with one another. If this is the case, try initially folding the towels into thirds or some other way that makes it work. Also, rolling the towels tightly makes a thinner roll, while rolling them loosely easily fattens it up.

Fitting for just about any occasion.

If it is a housewarming party, select more mature colors.

You can purchase the towels off of a gift registry and create a, “cake” for the shower.

This one works nicely for a baby shower or birthday.

Just don’t let anyone try to eat it!

Contributed by Jasmin Fine, 1FineCookie.com