Winter Accessory Must Haves


Personally having just moved to the Windy City from Los Angeles, there’s not enough hours in my day to put business aside no matter how cold, how long or how busy the commute may be. Luckily I have found some great cell phone accessories that I could never live without this winter!

1.CRAFIC case:

I have a personal obsession with chocolate (chocolate lava cakes to be exact). This case not only offers a protection against accidental drops [or throws] but it also showcases originality and sparks conversation.

12.  iWowCase – Sassy Series leather phone case:

This genuine leather case is the perfect accessory for everyday usage including events after hours. It comfortably fits your phone, ID, cash, credit cards and even has room for a little gloss to keep you looking fab on your night out!

3.  180s ear warmers:  These aren’t just any ear warmers. These guys actually have Quantum Sound speakers built in and a cord that plugs directly into your phone. Don’t ever miss a call again for fear of freezing your ears off!

4.  iGlove: Worried about not being able to text or play games on the long train or bus rides home? Now you can keep your fingers warm without ever having to put down your phone. These are a lifesaver on my daily commute. 


5.  Last but certainly not least, make sure to grab your favorite cup of Joe for the road! My preference –Starbuck’s Tall Mocha Latte






Paige Adell, Marketing Manager – Chicago

Something you didn’t know about me: I love the cold weather and have mad love for HUGE dogs.

Random fact: My hair colors change like the seasons.

My favorite Pretzel Crisps pairing: Everything Pretzel Crisps with Cabot’s Seriously Sharp Cheddar